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SB un Partneri SIA

Door and window hardware wholesalers
Piedrujas street 7A, LV-1073 Rīga;
Phone: +371 67 113 070;
Managing director / board member: Sabīne Beca (Betz)

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Shop for bargains!
Profile cylinder 26-40, brass
EUR 10.47
EUR 14.96
Profile cylinder 30-65, brass
EUR 15.36
EUR 21.94
Profile cylinder 30-80, brass
EUR 36.30
EUR 51.85
Sales prices valid until the goods are in stock.
Sales prices valid until the goods are in stock.
0429 strike plate, polished brass
no EUR 2.88
EUR 5.75
99EP/E panic door lock 45-92-20
no EUR 113.84
EUR 151.78
Chain drive E740 24V EV1
no EUR 296.85
EUR 312.47
RONNY II-R PZ/BB/WC, black steel look
no EUR 44.04
EUR 62.92
Handle set RICA-LS WC, brass polished
no EUR 37.32
EUR 53.31
2159 hex cap M8, plastic black
no EUR 0.13
EUR 0.16
Shutter bolt with loop, galvanized
no EUR 6.01
EUR 10.02
Wood screw 4x25 / 6x40  mm, black
no EUR 0.09
EUR 0.11
Window middle hinge, black
no EUR 5.73
EUR 8.19
590 wood screw, black, 5 x 40 mm
no EUR 0.31
EUR 0.44
Screw with washer
no EUR 1.19
EUR 2.37
HSS E vītņu urbis M4 DIN 371
no EUR 9.29
EUR 13.27
0543 Spindle without split 8x1000 mm
no EUR 5.99
EUR 11.98
237 Z long backplates BAC, alum.F1
no EUR 4.37
EUR 5.82
no EUR 488.60
EUR 698.00
Jostas klipsis, Ø 40mm
no EUR 4.52
EUR 6.46
Jostas klipsis, Ø 28mm
no EUR 4.32
EUR 5.08
Atslēgu piekariņš SARKANA SIRDS
no EUR 4.85
EUR 5.70
Atslēgu piekariņš AUTO
no EUR 2.29
EUR 2.54
Glass door lock IN.20.3300, right
no EUR 137.05
EUR 195.79
Bathroom indicator "Man", st.steel
no EUR 3.51
EUR 5.01
Profile cylinder 40-80, brass
no EUR 42.32
EUR 60.45
Sensei window handle, 35mm, matt
no EUR 4.54
EUR 11.36
70 long backplates WC, aluminiumF4
no EUR 6.78
EUR 13.56
Padlock Premium Diskus 70
no EUR 21.79
EUR 31.13
Floor doorstop, brass anrique
no EUR 5.70
EUR 8.14
no EUR 424.91
EUR 607.01
Profile cylinder 26-40, brass
no EUR 10.47
EUR 14.96
Profile cylinder 30-65, brass
no EUR 15.36
EUR 21.94
Profile cylinder 30-80, brass
no EUR 36.30
EUR 51.85
Doorknob 2033, turnable, alu F1
no EUR 26.57
EUR 44.29
VERONICA door knob 80mm, polished chrome
no EUR 206.85
EUR 318.23