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DIN EN 1906 European and German standardisation for hardware - the requirements and test methods

(Materials and illustrations from the company FSB. The classified requirements and test method descriptions are identically referable to other producer/supplier conformity assessment in accordance to DIN EN 1906)

For the purposes of European standardisation, EN 1906 has been worked out to specify the requirements and test methods for door handles and knobs. It was implemented as a European standard in October 2001. After several revisions it is currently valid as EN 1906:2012.

Test categories in the DIN EN 1906 classification key

1.User Category; Classes 1– 4
2.Fatigue strength; Classes 6/7
3.Door mass
4.Resistance to fire; Classes 0/1
5.Safety in use; Classes 0/1
6.Corrosion behaviour; Class 4
7.Resistance to burglary; Classes 0–4
8.Design type A/ B/U

User Category (1st character)

Class 1
For fitting to doors with an average frequency of use by persons likely to proceed with care and unlikely to operate the furniture incorrectly (e.g. doors within residences).

Class 2
For fitting to doors with an average frequency of use by persons likely to proceed with care but also to a certain extent likely
to operate the furniture incorrectly (e.g. doors within office buildings).

Class 3
For fitting to doors with a high frequency of use by the public or other persons less likely to proceed with care and very likely
to operate the furniture incorrectly (e.g. doors in office buildings frequented by the public).

Class 4
For fitting to doors frequently subjected to force or damage (e.g. doors in football stadia, on drilling rigs, in barracks or
public toilets).


Torsional strength of the spindle

FSB-Stabil spindles have greater torsional strength and are subject to lower levels of deformation.

Tensile stress on fitted furniture

FSB-heavy-duty “Project” hardware withstands higher levels of tensile stress due to its compact construction and the ruggedness of its connecting parts. 


Free play in fitted furniture when at rest

The FSB bearing system virtually eliminates play, thus ensuring the furniture does not “move about”.


Free angular movement

The FSB-Stabil spindle prevents the door handle “moving about” through its no-play tensioning.


Fatigue strength (2nd character)

The force/motion correlations arising in use are recreated on a test rig and simulated in a fatigue test.

FSB furniture likewise meets the requirements for the user category Classes following fatigue tests.

Door mass (3rd character)
No classification. Weight of the door is meant here.
Resistance to fire (4th character)
EN 1634 prescribes fire tests for the entire door element inclusive of hardware. FSB has already conducted such fire tests
with a variety of door makers. However, given that this standard does not specifically detail requirements for handle furniture,
FSB makes reference in this respect to DIN 18 273, under which fire door hardware is required to be tested, certified and accorded the Ü kitemark.
Safety in use (5th character)

This position in the classification key defines the degree of safety in use (sharp edges, risk of injury etc.).
Class 0 = for standard scenarios
Class 1 = for safety requirements

Class 1 is designed to indicate that fittings meet the requisite strength criteria even under extreme loadings (e.g.
serving as grab elements at the top of cellar stairs).
Loading values of 1,500 N and 2,500 N respectively are prescribed as a function of user category for the “1” rating in the
classification key.

FSB far exceeds these safety requirements by dint of its Stabil spindle connectors, handle-and-bearing assemblies and sturdy M5 screw fastenings.

Corrosion behaviour (6th character)
The 6th digit indicates the degree of corrosion resistance laid down.
Class 0 = nothing laid down
Class 1 = low
Class 2 = moderate
Class 3 = high
Class 4 = extremely high
FSB hardware meets the demands of Class 4, as demonstrated for instance by means of 240-hour salt spray fog testing
regimes. For special scenarios FSB can on request supply complete sets (i.e. including spindle and fastenings) in stainless steel. This hardware meets the demands of Class 4.
Resistance to burglary (7th character)
The 7th digit of the classification key indicates the hardware’s level of resistance to burglary.
Class 0 = not suitable for fitting to anti-burglar doors
Class 1 = low
Class 2 = moderate
Class 3 = high
Class 4 = extremely high
FSB supplies a range of specialised fittings in all security classes and a great variety of designs under the heading “Burglar-proof hardware”.
Drošības klasi nosaka parametru kopums, kas definēts normā DIN 18 257. 
Design type (8th character)
A = fittings with spring support
B = fittings with spring pretensioning
U = fittings with no spring pretensioning
FSB heavy-duty hardware (AGL® and AGL® FS) is fitted with A/B positive mechanisms as well as with a 0° bump stop that is integrated and defined. FSB standard bearings are not fitted with any additional spring mechanisms.

It is not enough when determining the use value and classification of hardware to simply cite the relevant user category;
rather, the classification key needs to be applied in its entirety.
Only if all test criteria are met and the relevant readings produced does conformity to DIN EN 1906 obtain. All FSB products
adhere to the values prescribed in this standard with quite a bit to spare.

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