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Suppliers' catalogues

ABP BEYERLE - fittings for glass and glass doors, furniture and wardrobes fittings
ARGENTA - door hinges, invisible door frames
ATHMER - automatic door seals, finger protection, door opening restrictors
BEVER & KLOPHAUS - historic door and gate hardware
BREUR+SCHMITZ - standard door hinges, heavy duty door hinges
BUG - system profiles for wooden windows and doors
DIAMANTEK - pull handles
DIECKMANN - door and window handles
EKU - sliding systems for furniture and shower cubicles
FRIDAVO - spring loaded hinges and door closers
FSB - design door and window fittings, access management, barrier-free living
  GFS - safety and security for doors
GHIDINI - door and window fittings
  GSG - window fittings
GUTMANN - window profiles and thresholds
HAWA - sliding and folding systems
HEWI - Door- and window handles, door accessories, cloakrooms, sanitary
HOFFSCHULTE - historic door and window handles
  JATEC (JADO) - door hardware
JNF - door and window harware, sliding door systems
KBV - door and window hardware and accessories
KFV - locks, multi-point locks, strike plates
KNOBLOCH - mailboxes and mailbox banks
  KWS / WOELM - door and gate stoppers and holders
LINEA CALI - design door and window handles
LOCINOX - gate closers and access control
MWE - sliding door and ladder systems
OLIVARI - design door and window handles
OMPORRO / ENRICO CASSINA - historic door and window hardware, historic furniture fittings
OTLAV - adjustable hinges, concealed hinges, flushbolts
P.BISCCHOP - historic door and window hardware
POLLMANN - door connectors, gate and shutter hinges and hinge holders, bolts, latches and other accessories
PRIMO - weather seals
REGUITTI - door fittings and accessories
RENZ - mailboxes and mailbox banks
RENSON - window ventilation, sliding panels and louvres, sun protection
SALICE PAOLO - design door and window handles
SCHLEGEL - weather seals
SIEGENIA - window and sliding door hardware systems; wall-mounted and window ventilators
SIMONSWERK - hinges, adjustable and concealed hinge systems
SPITZER - historic door and window hardware
SSF - locks
SÜDMETALL - door and window fittings and accessories; handrails; shower fittings; glass brackets
TUMMESCHEIT - historic door and window hardware
VORMANN - wood connecting pieces, suppirting shoes, angles, connectors, brackets. shelf brackets, gate and shutter hinges and fittings, handrail and banister system, hinges
WILKA - locks and profile cylinders


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Sales prices valid until the goods are in stock.
Sales prices valid until the goods are in stock.
Locking window handle Angelika, F9
no EUR 23.30
EUR 33.28
99EP/E panic door lock 45-92-20
no EUR 118.54
EUR 158.05
RONNY II-R PZ/BB/WC, black steel look
no EUR 44.04
EUR 62.92
Handle set RICA-LS WC, brass polished
no EUR 37.32
EUR 53.31
ES19 mortise lock PZ 55/72-20, black
no EUR 17.20
EUR 20.23
Mortise lock Si 22 BAC 55-20, black
no EUR 18.72
EUR 22.02
Shutter bolt with loop, galvanized
no EUR 6.01
EUR 10.02
5753 Double-bolt for gates, black
no EUR 47.36
EUR 67.66
590 wood screw, black, 5 x 40 mm
no EUR 0.29
EUR 0.41
237 Z long backplates BAC, alum.F1
no EUR 2.84
EUR 3.79
Jostas klipsis, Ø 40mm
no EUR 4.52
EUR 6.46
Atslēgu piekariņš SARKANA SIRDS
no EUR 4.85
EUR 5.70
Atslēgu piekariņš AUTO
no EUR 2.29
EUR 2.54
Glass door lock IN.20.3300, right
no EUR 143.87
EUR 205.53
Seal PRIMO ACF5005H, dark brown
no EUR 0.82
EUR 1.02
VERONICA door knob 80mm, polished chrome
no EUR 206.85
EUR 318.23
70 long backplates WC, aluminium F2
no EUR 8.94
EUR 12.77
70 long backplates WC, aluminiumF4
no EUR 6.78
EUR 13.56
R983 handle/rose set.WC, aged silver
no EUR 109.47
EUR 156.38