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Automatic door seal ISOLPORTE OMEGA

  • protection against cold, noise, smoke, smells and dust
  • may be fitted into the door leaf
  • conforms with fire safety door requirements
  • conforms with barrier-free building standards (non-threshold doors do not hinder access to disabled persons) 
  • may be used in timber, metal and PVC doors
  • one-sided and two-sided


As automatic door seals are unruled products (there is no national nor international standard just for the seal) it is not possible to get a certificate or DoP just for the seal. The certification can be done in complete set with door leaf and the door producer is the owner of the certificate. Athmer oHG confirms that the seal is made out with self-extinguishing silicone profile and suitable for fire doors.

for sliding doors
for active door leaf
For the inactive leaf of a double leaf door
insulation without additional options
fire safety
increased sound insulation (above 30dB)
termal insulation (for exterior doors)
For wood doors
For glass doors
For metal doors
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All prices include VAT
Automatic door seal, one-sided,1200 mm
Article: 6 1-147-1200
Price: 28.92 EUR
In stock:
4 gab.
Automatic door seal, one-sided,1100 mm
Article: 6 1-147-1100-1
Price: 26.14 EUR
In stock:
19 gab.
Automatic door seal, one-sided, 1000mm
Article: 6 1-147-1000
Price: 23.23 EUR
In stock:
22 gab.
Automatic door seal, one-sided, 900mm
Article: 6 1-147-0900
Price: 23.11 EUR
In stock:
10 gab.
Automatic door seal, one-sided, 800mm
Article: 6 1-147-0800
Price: 22.39 EUR
In stock:
0 gab.
Automatic door seal, one-sided, 700mm
Article: 6 1-147-0700
Price: 22.39 EUR
In stock:
3 gab.
Automatic door seal, one-sided, 600mm
Article: 6 1-147-0600
Price: 22.39 EUR
In stock:
12 gab.
Automatic door seal, one-sided, 500mm
Article: 6 1-147-0500
Price: 22.02 EUR
In stock:
14 gab.
Automatic door seal, one-sided, 400mm
Article: 6 1-147-0400
Price: 22.02 EUR
In stock:
6 gab.
Sales prices valid until the goods are in stock.
Sales prices valid until the goods are in stock.