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HAWA JUNIOR 40-80-120-160/B with minimum installation height

Hardware system for sliding doors
Standard finish


HAWA-Junior 80/B

  • leaf support profile for smallest installation height
  • plastic roller system with ball bearings ensure quiet, gentle and easy sliding
  • aesthetically refined, discreet design; runner with especially aesthetic surface finish - stainless steel effect - bez sits harmoniously in even the most luxurious setting
  • a special assembly wedge allows installation of the Junior 40/80/120/B with no gap between top track and door
  • patented runner buffer which can be accurately fitted according to the specific door weight, ensures ease of use and slow braking and stopping of door leaf
  • rattle-proof floor guide prevents any rattling caused by operation and draught
  • adjustable leaf installation height ± 3 mm
Max. Load: 40 / 80 / 120 / 160 kg
for wood doors
for glass doors
Installable on walls
Installable on ceilings
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Article: 72 24617
Price: 322.38 EUR
In stock:
0 set
Junior 80 top track (standard length 6000 m), alu plain anodized, predrilled (variable length, price for 1000 mm)
Article: 72 10186
Price: 51.23 EUR
In stock:
25.5 m
Soft closing mechanism SoftMove 80 for HAWA Junior/80
Article: 72 22444
Price: 138.77 EUR
In stock:
1 pcs.
HAWA track stop, adjustable retaining force, for HAWA-Junior 80
Article: 72 21729
Price: 23.53 EUR
In stock:
0 pcs.
Grīdas vadotne HAWA-Junior 40/80/120
Article: 72 14427
Price: 10.55 EUR
In stock:
0 gab.
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Sales prices valid until the goods are in stock.
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