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Concealed hinges for high performance doors with cladding TECTUS TE 640 3D A8

  • for high performance heavy-duty doors with cladding up to 8 mm
  • for timber, steel or aluminium/metal frames
  • can be fitted into the leaf or frame, three-dimensionally adjustable
  • UL-certified

V I D E O:  TECTUS hinge installation and adjustment 1 

V I D E O:  TECTUS hinge installation and adjustment 2
Max. Load: 160 kg (1000 x 2000 mm, 2 hinges; distance between 1st and 2nd hinge reference line: 1435 mm)
For flush doors
For rebated doors
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plastic coating, F1 tone
Plastic coating, F2 tone
TECTUS TE640 3D A8 concealed hinge F1
Article: 76 400617 0 12402
Price: 134.93 EUR
In stock:
0 pcs.
TECTUS TE 640 3D A8 concealed hinge F2
Article: 76 400617 0 12502
Price: 134.92 EUR
In stock:
0 pcs.
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