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Special offer for current situation - FOREARM SHIELD for opening and closing doors
FSB is a strong partner at your side when it comes to dependable product - even more so in challenging times like these...


We are inviting RETAIL CUSTOMERS to buy all products online, also you can order via email or send text/WhatsApp messages by phone +371 29285299. Products can be sent by a courier to the address or the OMNIVA parcel terminal. It is also possible to receive the ordered products in the Customer Centre.
WHOLESALE CUSTOMERS can proceed to buy products without restrictions. ATTENTION: The sample hall is closed.
Please do not exceed the maximum allowed number of customers in the Customer Centre and face masks are mandatory.
Customers without a face mask will not be served. If the maximum allowed number of customers is reached, please wait outside.


Due to the state of emergency announced in the country, the shipments delivered by OMNIVA parcel service have increased. Deliveries may be delayed for several days because of the parcel and courier overload.
Detailed info:

FSB Anti-Infection Coating

How often, day after day, do you reach for lever handles, window handles or handrails? More often than you are probably even aware of. Any surface that has been touched by a lot of hands will also be an area where pathogens come and go. The FSB Anti-Infection Coating, a new anti-bacterial surface coating for AIC aluminium and stainless steel surfaces, is the perfect solution for all areas in which maximal hygiene is paramount. Clean surfaces can signicantly reduce the risk of infection, in particular for hospitals and care facilities where the risk is greater and where there are persons with reduced immunity.

Tried and tested efficacy
FSB’s Anti-Infection Coating eliminates 99.99 % of multi-resistant pathogens.Its life-long antimicrobial efficacy has been certified in accordance with ISO 22196:2011 (effect of anti-bacterial activity on stainless steel and aluminium surfaces)

For hygiene-sensitive areas
We recommend AIC for hygiene-sensitive areas in hospitals, doctors' offices, care facilities, as well as public buildings, hotels, catering enterprises, kindergardens and schools.

Proven resistance
AIC is scratch-resistant in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1518 and guarantees abrasion resistance over at least 100,000 cycles. The coating is resistant to all standard cleaning agents and disinfectants.

AIC is available for p
roducts in both stainless steel and aluminium – whether anodised or powdercoated in RAL colours.

Barrier-free ErgoSystem®
Handrails, handles and levers – but also any attachments and accessories found in sanitary facilities – are associated with a great potential risk of pathogen transmission. FSB’s Anti-Infection Coating is available for Ergo-System® products in the E300 stainless steel range and the A100 aluminium range of handrails and levers for WC, bath and shower areas, as well as hallways and any other hygiene-sensitive areas.

More about barrier-free systems here:
>> Planning suggestions for barrier-free construction
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>> Barrier-free products

Door and window hardware
The most dangerous source of infection in any room is the door handle, because every resident and visitor touches it and it harbours millions of bacteria, which is especially dangerous for persons with weakened immune systems. The FSB Anti-Infection Coating can be applied to any aluminium or stainless steel door or window hardware element including pull handles for external doors, door handles for hallways and public spaces, and window and door handles for rooms and sanitary areas.

>> FSB door handle models >> filter 'Manufacturer'>>FSB
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Bronze - natural resistance against germs
Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin with a wealth of remarkable properties: prominent amongst these is the material's antimicrobial action, which provides active protection against germs. Bronze is particularly hard-wearing and easy to look after, moreover, therefore suitable for doors with high usage.
Germs are killed more quickly on bronze surfaces, and are greatly reduced, owing to the high fraction of copper involved. The material releases a virtually constant flow of copper ions that actively deprive multi-resistant germs of the conditions they need to thrive in – and do so for a handle’s entire service life.Clinical studies conducted in the USA and Great Britain reveal that 99.9 % of bacteria on copper-alloy surfaces are destroyed immediately or within two hours of contact. It was also confirmed that, if the hygiene measures prescribed are adopted, recontamination is more than 99 % ruled out.

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Sales prices valid until the goods are in stock.
99EP/E panic door lock 45-92-20
no EUR 113.84
EUR 151.78
Locking window handle Angelika, F9
no EUR 23.30
EUR 33.28
Shutter bolt with loop, galvanized
no EUR 6.01
EUR 10.02
590 wood screw, black, 5 x 40 mm
no EUR 0.29
EUR 0.41
Screw with washer
no EUR 1.19
EUR 2.37
237 Z long backplates BAC, alum.F1
no EUR 4.37
EUR 5.82
Jostas klipsis, Ø 40mm
no EUR 4.52
EUR 6.46
Atslēgu piekariņš SARKANA SIRDS
no EUR 4.85
EUR 5.70
Atslēgu piekariņš AUTO
no EUR 2.29
EUR 2.54
RONNY II-R PZ/BB/WC, black steel look
no EUR 44.04
EUR 62.92
Doorknob 2033, turnable, alu F1
no EUR 26.57
EUR 44.29
Handle set RICA-LS WC, brass polished
no EUR 37.32
EUR 53.31
VERONICA door knob 80mm, polished chrome
no EUR 206.85
EUR 318.23
Seal PRIMO ACF5005H, dark brown
no EUR 0.83
EUR 1.04
70 long backplates WC, aluminium F2
no EUR 8.94
EUR 12.77
70 long backplates WC, aluminiumF4
no EUR 6.78
EUR 13.56