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Special offer for current situation - FOREARM SHIELD for opening and closing doors
FSB is a strong partner at your side when it comes to dependable product - even more so in challenging times like these...


 Dear Clients,
We are happy to announce that on 11.05.2020 we will open our CLIENT CENTRE and
hope to see you at Piedrujas iela 7A!
In order to stay safe, please respect  each other, our staff and our customers. Please maintain a 2m distance from others and observe other recommended hygiene measures!
You can safely touch our handles!
We have supplied disposable gloves for your safety!

isis® M100 - technological symbiosis and comfort

The FSB’s isis® M100 system’s far lower degree of complexity compared to conventional systems – there are no additional software installations, training sessions or external programming devices involved – makes isis® M100 the ideal choice for buildings with few doors or tight budgets, be they private houses, doctors’ surgeries, lawyers’ chambers or other premises of similar size.

Isis® M100 by FSB boasts classical backplate/ rose visuals and is available for flush, glass and frame doors. Its capacity for combination with over 20 attractive FSB lever handle models in aluminium, stainless steel, brass and bronze ensures a perfect match with the surrounding architecture and your own personal taste. Compact readers are also available in a wall-mounted version for use at gates etc.
Isis® M100 differs from more complex existing systems in the way rights of access are administered. It operates with hardware- level programming instead of stationary software, thus making it easier to get started with a networked, self-supporting system of electronic access management

  • Electronic identification of isis® M100  hardware is squeezed into the handle rose or beneath the outer plate together with a mechanical module
  • It works on batteries, so no additional cables are needed
  • Operates with key card or key flop
  • Available for flush, framed and glass doors
  • isis® M100 can be combined with a self-locking lock, so that as soon as the door falls into the lock, it locks automatically and , on positive identification, is unlocked again;
  • isis® M100  security fitting ensures security relevant safeguard of outer doors as per DIN 18 257 protection class ES-1 L-ZA ( 3v63) or as per DIN EN 1906 protection class 2. isis® also meets the requirements of the guidelines 2002/95/EC (RoHS), 1999/5/EG and the FTEG
  • approved for fire safety requirements according go DIN 18 273 and for emergency exits according to DIN EN 179
  • Each door is directly programmed using special key cards
  • Installation is possible both in new and already used doors
  • System is certified according to ISO 14 025

The most popular handles that are combinable with the isis® M100 system’s roses and backplates:
(Available in – aluminium, stainless steel, brass, bronze – depending on the specific handle)




Piedrujas iela 7A, Riga
see map
Mon.- Fri. 8:00-18:00
+371 67 113 070
+371 29 285 299


Due to the COVID-19 crisis Italian manufacturers  are working at limited capacity. Please expect longer delivery times for all Italian made products. This applies to the following brands:
Otlav, Linea Cali, Olivari, Reguitti, Ghidini,
Enrico Cassina.

The ERA/Fab&Fix plant in Great Britain is closed for the time being. Only our warehose stock is available for this product brand.


Shop for bargains!
Sales prices valid until the goods are in stock.
Sales prices valid until the goods are in stock.
99EP/E panic door lock 45-92-20
no EUR 113.84
EUR 151.78
2159 hex cap M8, plastic black
no EUR 0.13
EUR 0.16
Shutter bolt with loop, galvanized
no EUR 6.01
EUR 10.02
RONNY II-R PZ/BB/WC, black steel look
no EUR 44.04
EUR 62.92
Bulldog wood connectors
no EUR 0.54
EUR 0.77
Handle set RICA-LS WC, brass polished
no EUR 37.32
EUR 53.31
Window middle hinge, black
no EUR 5.73
EUR 8.19
590 wood screw, black, 5 x 40 mm
no EUR 0.31
EUR 0.44
Screw with washer
no EUR 1.19
EUR 2.37
237 Z long backplates BAC, alum.F1
no EUR 4.37
EUR 5.82
Doorknob 2033, turnable, alu F1
no EUR 26.57
EUR 44.29
VERONICA door knob 80mm, polished chrome
no EUR 206.85
EUR 318.23
Jostas klipsis, Ø 40mm
no EUR 4.52
EUR 6.46
Atslēgu piekariņš SARKANA SIRDS
no EUR 4.85
EUR 5.70
Atslēgu piekariņš AUTO
no EUR 2.29
EUR 2.54
Glass door lock IN.20.3300, right
no EUR 137.05
EUR 195.79
Bathroom indicator "Man", st.steel
no EUR 3.51
EUR 5.01
Seal PRIMO ACF5005H, dark brown
no EUR 0.83
EUR 1.04
70 long backplates WC, aluminium F2
no EUR 8.94
EUR 12.77
70 long backplates WC, aluminiumF4
no EUR 6.78
EUR 13.56
Padlock Premium Diskus 70
no EUR 21.79
EUR 31.13
Floor doorstop, brass anrique
no EUR 5.70
EUR 8.14