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Special offer for current situation - FOREARM SHIELD for opening and closing doors
FSB is a strong partner at your side when it comes to dependable product - even more so in challenging times like these...

News Announcement

Store hours and product delivery during the holiday season

Dear Clients,

Please be advised that due to the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, manufacturing and delivery times are at least 2 weeks longer!

Our store hours for the holiday season:

23.12.2019  -  26.12.2019    Closed
27.12.2019 un 30.12.2019    Open from 8.00 to 17:00
06.01.2020    After taking inventory we will again be at your service in the New Year.

Last and first deliveries during the holidays:

If our suppliers manage to dispatch your order during week 51 (16-19 Dec.), then there is a possibility that it will arrive at our warehouse on 27.12.2019 or 30.12.2019, or during our first working days in the New Year from 6 January onward.

The manufacturers will start dispatching products in 2020:

Happy to be working with you!
Together we will make 2020 a powerful year!

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Sales prices valid until the goods are in stock.
Sales prices valid until the goods are in stock.
Locking window handle Angelika, F9
no EUR 23.30
EUR 33.28
99EP/E panic door lock 45-92-20
no EUR 113.84
EUR 151.78
Shutter bolt with loop, galvanized
no EUR 6.01
EUR 10.02
590 wood screw, black, 5 x 40 mm
no EUR 0.29
EUR 0.41
Screw with washer
no EUR 1.19
EUR 2.37
RONNY II-R PZ/BB/WC, black steel look
no EUR 44.04
EUR 62.92
Handle set RICA-LS WC, brass polished
no EUR 37.32
EUR 53.31
237 Z long backplates BAC, alum.F1
no EUR 4.37
EUR 5.82
Doorknob 2033, turnable, alu F1
no EUR 26.57
EUR 44.29
VERONICA door knob 80mm, polished chrome
no EUR 206.85
EUR 318.23
Jostas klipsis, Ø 40mm
no EUR 4.52
EUR 6.46
Atslēgu piekariņš SARKANA SIRDS
no EUR 4.85
EUR 5.70
Atslēgu piekariņš AUTO
no EUR 2.29
EUR 2.54
Seal PRIMO ACF5005H, dark brown
no EUR 0.83
EUR 1.04
70 long backplates WC, aluminium F2
no EUR 8.94
EUR 12.77
70 long backplates WC, aluminiumF4
no EUR 6.78
EUR 13.56