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Kontura Green ACF 5005 H

Weather seal (with thread) for windows and doors (IV 68)
Standard finish
  • a well thought out profile geometry ensures excellent sealing efficiency and quality
  • considerably increases the building's energy efficiency
  • guarantees warmth and comfort
  • increased protection against driving rain and snow blizzards
  • testing functions: closing density, water and humidity resistance, sound insulation, airtightness
  • suitable for all standard window and door types - wooden, wooden/aluminium and PVC constructions
  • Certified at Rosenheim Window Technology Institute in Germany   

  • corners can be cut with standard pliers
  • profile geometry with throughout profile edging and tolerance levelling principle guarantees optimal sealing efficiency
  • insulating and sealing level considerably increased by stabilising arm
  • integrated thread for stabilisation of profile length
  • hard profile spine for rational installation
  • environmentally friendly, recyclable material
  • easy installation, optimal, stable fixation and rain barrier guaranteed by profile foot with 2 tongues


Temprature range: from -40 °C to +60 °C
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Dark brown
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Seal PRIMO ACF5005H, dark brown, roll 200m (discount of price for 1m - 30%)
Price: 133.00 EUR
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0 units.
Weather seal 5005 Green, 12mm, AC, dark brown
Article: 833 5005-0005-49
Price: 0.95 EUR 1.19 EUR
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62 m
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Sales prices valid until the goods are in stock.
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